How are you measuring the success of your Innovation Program?

By providing a patented comprehensive, configurable rules-based engine, NOVA-INNOVATE accelerates the ideation process to allowing you to choose the best ideas faster. NOVA-INNOVATE software is a powerful tool that aids in producing a sustainable and agile innovation process.

  • Engagement


    The path to building an innovation culture is to ask what experiences you should invest in to create more meaningful connections between employees to strengthen their relationships with each other as well as your community of customers and suppliers.

  • Collaboration


    Human beings thrive on collaboration and are prepared to cooperate with strangers, over long distances and incompatible time zones, even overcoming obstacles of language and culture. Planbox Innovate’s powerful collaboration platform taps into this deeply wired capacity for cooperation to empower your employees and community to create shared solutions to complex challenges.

  • Platform


    Planbox Innovate’s on-demand world class innovation management platform serves as the system of record for managing your ideas, feedback, suggestions, challenges, communities and solutions.